Tracking & Improving
Musculoskeletal Wellness & Performance
via Machine Learning Vision Analysis


Time Saving

With instant set-up, 8-minute pro assessment and real-time feedback, Physimax saves precious time for staff and athletes alike.


Objective Measurements

Automated screening process ensures consistent scores regardless of who’s carrying out the assessment, eliminating the need for any expertise or prior knowledge.


Comprehensive Coverage

Physimax offers the widest range of automated evidence-based functional movement tests, resulting in all-encompassing analytics that can lead to injury prevention and athletic performance enhancement.


Comparative Scores

Athlete scores are calculated in relation to same level norms, maximizing the accuracy level of the results.


Validated Technology

Physimax's innovative technology was validated by world-leading academic institutions: The University of North Carolina, The University of Connecticut and the Military Academy at West Point.



Whether you're on a road game or on a remote off-site session, Physimax's travel-ready solution allows you to perform automated movement assessments anytime, anywhere.


Large-Scale Assessments

Physimax is proven to assess hundreds of subjects in just a few hours, the ultimate solution for colleges, youth academies and tactical forces.

Force Plate Integration

Integrated with force plates and other force measurement accessories, Physimax displays scores in real-time, incorporating kinematic data into athlete's movement pattern analytics

EMR Integration

Physimax's movement pattern analytics can be securely transferred to Electronic Medical Records using OAuth 2.0 authentication; pre-integrated with leading athletic Mgmt systems

Athlete Feedback Screen

Second screen interface to guide the athlete through the assessment process, providing indications on each test and improving athlete compliance.

On-Demand Training Customization

Existing training plans can be merged with the generated training recommendations, creating a uniformed program that will be displayed in the athlete's report.

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