PhysiMax delivers a powerful online assessment technology to boost athletic performance, prevent the next non-contact orthopedic injury and ensure quick and safe return to play.

PhysiMax extends athletes' careers and teams' success by providing critical data to prevent the next case of injury. Today, coaching and therapy staff can easily use PhysiMax to monitor their athletes’ musculoskeletal condition and convert the data into action by creating individualized or group-based corrective exercise programs, for athletes of all levels, changing outcomes within weeks.

PhysiMax’s scientifically validated technology allows clinicians, trainers and coaches to instantly identify and measure limiting/injury risk factors and assigns an overall risk injury score according to evidence-based dynamic movement tests (e.g. jumping and landing test patterns), evaluating muscle groups’ stability (e.g. pelvic and trunk), symmetry of dynamic motion, dynamic balance, etc. Objectively quantifying quality of movement during scientific functional tasks better equips sport professionals to provide accurate guidance/prescription of corrective training.

U.S. Military Cadets at West Point Academy being assessed using PhysiMax's technology

Professional soccer players use PhysiMax on a bi-monthly basis for evaluation