Optimizing Wellness & Performance Scientifically Through MSK Snapshot

Optimizing Wellness & Performance Scientifically Through MSK Snapshot

Proven Impact on Injury Rate / Expense

Proven Impact on Injury Rate / Expense

Most practical objective movement evaluation

Most practical objective movement evaluation

Objective MSK Snapshot

Physimax pioneering technology empowers passionate athletes to improve performance and stay away from injuries, by providing an objective MSK Snapshot (musculoskeletal condition analysis) accompanied with recommended individualized training program.

Using marker-less computer vision and machine learning analysis, Physimax MSK Snapshot is automatically generated by analyzing athlete’s body movement patterns, scoring muscle performance (mobility, stability, strength, movement control) according to evidence-based protocols. Feedback highlights injury risk level and athletic performance inefficiencies in comparison with population-specific data analytics, delivered immediately to the Smartphone

Physimax proven impact

"We had 0 non-contact knee injuries,
0 non-contact ankle injuries”

See how UMD uses Physimax to reduce injuries

Indiana Pacers
Indiana Pacers - #1 NBA team in salary expenditure saved due to injuries (2018)

What our clients say

Physimax helps us quantify our athletes in a systematic way, not taxing on staff or athletes. Athletes are getting more information about themselves to make individual decisions. Coaches get more information about their team and their readiness to perform at their peak level. That’s just exciting for everybody.

Dr. David Klossner, University of Maryland
Associate Athletic Director / Sports Performance

Our medical team and performance staff unanimously chose Physimax as our go-to solution. Our goal is to deepen in-house performance analysis with an easy-to-use, standardized and recurrent process that we can easily perform anytime and anywhere – Physimax answers this need.

Shawn Windle, Indiana Pacers
Director of Sports Performance

Composing training programs based on Physimax's personal movement analytics is a must. It's really amazing to see the depth and accuracy of these analytics considering how quick the assessment process is.

Eran Shedo, Israeli National Team & Maccabi Haifa F.C.
Head Athletic Trainer

Serving the Elite

Why our partners use Physimax?


Objective Mobility, stability, strength, and technique scores based on thousands tests performed by athletes of all levels analyzing MSK condition.. Preventing such injuries has been proven to positively reflect on team performance, short and long-term achievements and medical expenses.

Why our partners use Physimax?


Whether on a road game or an off-site location, you can perform recurrent comprehensive assessment to obtain meaningful insights on the spot. This could make the difference between resting your player one more game or putting him in a real risk of injury.

Why our partners use Physimax?

Easy to use

It only takes 3-8 minutes by anyone on your staff to operate the system and gain insights on each player.

Why our partners use Physimax?

Recommended individualized training program

Physimax leverages the latest corrective exercise studies to formulate evidence-based training programs that correlate with each athlete's MSK condition.

Why our partners use Physimax?


The quick nature of the process and the fact that anyone can operate it makes it the ultimate solution for assessing large groups of subjects, such as in events with a task force personnel or army cadets

Why our partners use Physimax?

Reliable & Validated

Top research institutes have independently evaluated the Physimax accuracy for movement measurement (vs. Vicon) and for scoring (vs. team of human experts) and found it highly reliable.

Go from set up to insights in minutes

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Train by Recommended individualized training program

Physimax's technology is used for research by top academic institutes:

University of South Florida

University of North Carolina

University of Connecticut

US Military Academy at West Point

Towson University

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